#6 When Their Children Turn Out To Be Gay

Ever wonder how your parents would react if they found out you were gay or homosexual? Well many don’t have to wonder and have been through it.

Many parents disown their children and leave them emotionally scarred for the rest of their life.

I personally can’t relate, but I do have close family members who are gay. My brother is gay. The funny thing is that he thought I didn’t recognize it and actually went some years without letting it be known publicly and guessed I hadn’t took notice of his awkward ways around the opposite sex.

I guess it is harder for a younger brother to come out to his older sibling without some feeling of embarrassment or thinking I would disown him.

I had been gone away to college for a few years and arrived back in town when he decided to tell me, but actually did it through a phone call. Went something like this:

Me: What’s going on you said you wanted to talk to me?

brother: Yeah I have something I’ve been wanting to tell you about the way I act and you probably haven’t noticed…but..I’m

Me: Interrupting…you’re gay..right?

brother: Yeah..how did you know?

Me: I mean its obvious and its cool with me as long as you don’t try to talk to none of my friends. (jokingly)

brother: No never..but I have to go. (Rushing off of the phone nervously)

I could only imagine how hard it would be to have to come out to your family members and let them know you’re a lesbian or gay.

The actual acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual humans have increased over the years significantly.

Any of you faced this ultimate decision?

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#5 Schooling Us On the Birds and the Bees Is a Sensitive Subject

There are many awkward moments in every parents life, but none outweigh when they have to talk sex with their kids. That’s why you should all keep it in your pants and not have kids while your young…don’t say I’ve never said anything positive parents 😉 .Birds and the Bees

Birds and the Bees whatever your parents called it when they first brought up the subject. Most likely they brought up the birds and the bees after noticing a change in your sexual behavior or you begin acting in a weird manner that alerts them that you may be having sex and believe me they are afraid that their little billy john is finally growing up and testing the waters.

In my case by the time my parent (single mother) confronted me it was too little too late I knew all about the birds and something about the bees…a little ahead of my time a future man whore if I must say-so myself and I’m not bragging.

If you’re not sure if junior is having sex don’t look through his im’s, text messages, or Myspace that will only make the situation worse and more awkward for him/her when they realize what you’re doing.

Parents here are some ways of making that awkward moment a little less painful:

  • If they have a older sister or brother that is responsible let them handle the task. Only if they are responsible otherwise they might end up doing more bad than good
  • Don’t make it so obvious at first. Talk to them about their life in general and see where there mind is at, don’t just jump head first into menstrual cycles, ovulations, masturbation, and secretions you might scare them if they haven’t been active or don’t plan on it
  • Don’t sugar coat it with terms they might not be familiar with. This isn’t day time tv this is real life and nowadays kids are doing…at a very young age don’t make the mistake of avoiding the talk
  • A young men would feel more comfortable with a male counterpart and a female with a woman

How not to talk to us about the birds and the bees:

  • Telling us stories about your first time especially mothers to sons or fathers to daughters
  • Talking about it to us about it in front of our friends nothing better spells embarrassment
  • Getting too deep into the nitty gritty of sex with us. Makes us very uncomfortable that our mothers know so much about engaging in sex and that is a image that will scar us for life
  • Getting a friend or grandparent to talk to us. We barely want to speak to you about it…let alone a relative or friend of yours. Man up!
  • Long and dragging conversation. Get to the point and stop beating around the bush so the feeling of awkwardness can fade.

Not talking to us about the birds and the bees is not the best option. It can lead us to early teen pregnancy and may even attract a few unwanted friends. Wrap it up

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#4 Walking In On Them Having Sex Will Scar Us For Life

Do\'s don\'tsAs bad as it sounds it does happen and might just happen to you if it already hasn’t. Lucky for you I created this site to warn you and your parents so that they can avoid the embarrassing mistake of having sex while the we are at home.

I know with most teenagers living with their parents it is bound to happen, but honestly I blame the parents, because if we can sneak our girlfriend/boyfriend up into our room to make out or whatever without being heard…they can too 🙂 .

It all goes back to who pays the bills and since they do they’re not living by the same standards as us and they exercise the right to put us through emotional distress for their minutes of pleasure.

Parents here are some good times you should engage in sexual activities:

  • When were at practice
  • On the weekend and we’re out for the night
  • Told u we’re staying over at a friends house
  • During our college or school class time
  • When your on vacation

Times you shouldn’t have sex:

  • When were home (nobody wants to hear or see their parents having sex)
  • When you think were sleep. We just want you to think were sleep so you want bother us see slave article
  • Especially while are friends are over this will scar and embarrass us for life and we will no longer be able to make any jokes or cracks on our friends because they have either seen or heard our parents having sex

Walking in minutes after their finished isn’t that great either, because spotting a bottle of spermicidal lubricant at the foot of your mother’s bed isn’t the most warming memory.

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#3 Parents Trying To Be Cool Is Not Cool

I know it’s happened to you before your parents try to be like your friends, no not your friend, but like YOUR friends using slang words or talking/dressing (see picture for example 🙂 ) in a manner that is not normally like them. It is not only uncool, but embarrassing if done in front of your actual age friends and your friends think it is cool…your the only one not laughing though.

Parent\'s Trying To Be Cool

You can catch wanna be cool parents using slang that died out with hammer pants, Vanilla Ice and before flavor flav made a come back. Characterized by words like the bomb, off the chain, and PHAT. They also want to seem up to date by knowing the new hit singles by R&B, Rock, Pop and Rap Artist, but usually screw up their names or mix one singer with a rappers song. This may vary depending on your ethnicity, but we can all relate in one way or another.

This quote from College Humor says it all about uncool parents trying to relate to our music generation:

When Gwen Stefani’s song “Hollaback Girl” came on, my dad sang what he thought were the words while tapping his fingers and bobbing his head to the beat – “I ain’t no Harlem black girl.”
-Christine R.

And all of a sudden they want to be involved in activities that we do like going to the mall, playing PS3, WII, and XBOX 360 or recreational sports. Last but not least trying to learn the newest dance by our favorite artist. I can take it all the way back to the tootsie roll (might be past some of our ages), Soulja Boy, Cupid Shuffle, various Shakira/Beyonce moves and many, many other.

The fact this has been going on for generation to generation and Parents Just Don’t Understand.

What’s some examples of your parent’s trying to be young, hip and say things are The Bomb? 🙂

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#2 Technology

Parent\'s & Technology

Parent’s just don’t understand Technology, but want to take all their frustration out on us. Let me tell you from personal experience that working with parents on how to send an email or upload an attachment to them seems like rocket science, because most are just not computer literate unless of course they work with them on the daily.

I know we all have some kind of story from when you’re parents done something completely dumb with the computer or asked u an idiotic question about their new found love with text messages on their cell phone….I know mine have.

My mother just purchased a Blackberry smartphone and call me like I’m Alltel Technical services for every single aspect from sending a text to deleting missed calls…THANK GOD for free mobile to mobile!

This might not be relevant for all parents, but for the most part they don’t know the first thing about a word document or that you suppose to use search terms in Google not url’s to websites! (ie: Google Search: http://www.myspace.com) Just use the freaking address bar at the top!

They probably thing Yahoo or MSN messenger is an online mail delivery service. They’re just unpredictable when it comes to computers, cellphones, digital camera’s, or pretty much anything electronic or made after 1995.

Here are some random Parent’s Just Don’t Understand Moments from the humorous site College Humor:

My mother has had a computer for several years, and uses it quite regularly to type documents. I discovered recently that she has a single word document on which she has typed everything ever. She just scrolls down to the bottom every time she wants to write something new. The document is 223 pages long.
From Sam

My dad refuses to write text messages because he says “the buttons are too small.” He will only use the pre-written text options. His response to every text is, “Thank You,” “I’m running a little late,” or, “See you later.”
From Mike, Kean University

My dad thinks the only way to navigate to a website is to open IE and run a Google search on it. The worst part is that he types http://www.google.com into the address bar before he types his other website into Google.
From Ryan, VSCC

My dad friend requested me on Facebook. I thought it was no big deal until he began writing on my wall like he was talking to me. He wrote 20 “Hey buddy!”s on my wall until I told him in person not to. Then he sent me gifts.
From Dad’s #1 Pal

Believe me they get dumber from there :). Read some more Parent’s Just Don’t Understand Moments on College Humor.

What are some of your personal experiences of parents just not understanding Technology?

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#1 We Are Not Their Personal Slaves

Random ChoresI don’t know about you, but doesn’t it seem like the parent-child thing is a little unfair! I mean think about it. If i didn’t have common sense I would think many parents have kids just to use us to do the ‘grunt’ work that they don’t enjoy and us to be their private slaves for the next 18+ years.

How many times have you been woke up out of a good afternoon nap by your parent telling you that you left your plate of food on the counter or you forgot to turn the computer off or come and turn the television for them??? When the remote is within walking distance from the couch they’re sitting on!

Same scenario different rules your mother leaves the television on, but asks you to go into the front room and turn it off for them from your upstairs bedroom.

Your father leaves his lunch plate on the counter, but he wants u to stop in the middle of WHATEVER you’re doing and go empty it out and clean it for him.

I’ve came to this conclusion and my theory is parents think that since they have to put up with us for the next 18-21 years they might as well punish us for all the money, pain (9mths pregnancy), and strife that we’ve caused them, but we only act this way because we’re constantly stressed by all the rules and regulations they make us live by on the daily!

Either that or it is the result of some kind of silent punishment they’re forcing upon us, because they can’t do to us what they really want…either way we pay for it in the end.

You live a life of double standards, but parents just don’t understand.

What age do you have to be to divorce your parents as your legal guardians? 🙂

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Parent’s Just Don’t Understand

I think Will said it best in this video from way back in the day!

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