#5 Schooling Us On the Birds and the Bees Is a Sensitive Subject

May 8, 2008 at 1:07 pm 1 comment

There are many awkward moments in every parents life, but none outweigh when they have to talk sex with their kids. That’s why you should all keep it in your pants and not have kids while your young…don’t say I’ve never said anything positive parents 😉 .Birds and the Bees

Birds and the Bees whatever your parents called it when they first brought up the subject. Most likely they brought up the birds and the bees after noticing a change in your sexual behavior or you begin acting in a weird manner that alerts them that you may be having sex and believe me they are afraid that their little billy john is finally growing up and testing the waters.

In my case by the time my parent (single mother) confronted me it was too little too late I knew all about the birds and something about the bees…a little ahead of my time a future man whore if I must say-so myself and I’m not bragging.

If you’re not sure if junior is having sex don’t look through his im’s, text messages, or Myspace that will only make the situation worse and more awkward for him/her when they realize what you’re doing.

Parents here are some ways of making that awkward moment a little less painful:

  • If they have a older sister or brother that is responsible let them handle the task. Only if they are responsible otherwise they might end up doing more bad than good
  • Don’t make it so obvious at first. Talk to them about their life in general and see where there mind is at, don’t just jump head first into menstrual cycles, ovulations, masturbation, and secretions you might scare them if they haven’t been active or don’t plan on it
  • Don’t sugar coat it with terms they might not be familiar with. This isn’t day time tv this is real life and nowadays kids are doing…at a very young age don’t make the mistake of avoiding the talk
  • A young men would feel more comfortable with a male counterpart and a female with a woman

How not to talk to us about the birds and the bees:

  • Telling us stories about your first time especially mothers to sons or fathers to daughters
  • Talking about it to us about it in front of our friends nothing better spells embarrassment
  • Getting too deep into the nitty gritty of sex with us. Makes us very uncomfortable that our mothers know so much about engaging in sex and that is a image that will scar us for life
  • Getting a friend or grandparent to talk to us. We barely want to speak to you about it…let alone a relative or friend of yours. Man up!
  • Long and dragging conversation. Get to the point and stop beating around the bush so the feeling of awkwardness can fade.

Not talking to us about the birds and the bees is not the best option. It can lead us to early teen pregnancy and may even attract a few unwanted friends. Wrap it up

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  • 1. atheistgirl  |  May 15, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    this generation doesn’t even need “the talk” anymore. when we had sex ed in (my catholic) school, we didn’t learn anything we hadn’t already known. gotta love us


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