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#6 When Their Children Turn Out To Be Gay

Ever wonder how your parents would react if they found out you were gay or homosexual? Well many don’t have to wonder and have been through it.

Many parents disown their children and leave them emotionally scarred for the rest of their life.

I personally can’t relate, but I do have close family members who are gay. My brother is gay. The funny thing is that he thought I didn’t recognize it and actually went some years without letting it be known publicly and guessed I hadn’t took notice of his awkward ways around the opposite sex.

I guess it is harder for a younger brother to come out to his older sibling without some feeling of embarrassment or thinking I would disown him.

I had been gone away to college for a few years and arrived back in town when he decided to tell me, but actually did it through a phone call. Went something like this:

Me: What’s going on you said you wanted to talk to me?

brother: Yeah I have something I’ve been wanting to tell you about the way I act and you probably haven’t noticed…but..I’m

Me: Interrupting…you’re gay..right?

brother: did you know?

Me: I mean its obvious and its cool with me as long as you don’t try to talk to none of my friends. (jokingly)

brother: No never..but I have to go. (Rushing off of the phone nervously)

I could only imagine how hard it would be to have to come out to your family members and let them know you’re a lesbian or gay.

The actual acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual humans have increased over the years significantly.

Any of you faced this ultimate decision?

May 12, 2008 at 2:13 am 2 comments